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Ignore these, it’s for a project and I don’t feel like creating a Photobucket

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Game of Thrones Season 2 Spoiler Free Review

It was pimp, yo.


OSMR – Dance central



Words of Wisdom

If I die from my exam tomorrow, Anna Kendrick will be the one receiving all of my stuff. Except that one box. She’s not meant to see it. You jerks aren’t getting any of it; I know you would just sell it to support your almond habits.

Amac’s Cookbook of Dreams: Peanut Butter Butter Sandwich

Butter has been around since the decomposition of peanut butter and butter. Scientists and Bobby Flay weren’t able to separate the two until 1989. Mr. Flay had been listening to Guns N’ Roses hit album “Antelope for Destruction” when he managed to find a tub of butter at Kroger. From thence forth, peanut butter and butter went on to be a household staple.

Fast forward to 2012. Bobby Flay’s favorite person, me, made the greatest discovery since Austin found that used needle in his room. This is what you will need:

peanut butter





paper towel


Remove your drink from the fridge. Take out 2 pieces of bread, the butter and the peanut butter. Apply the peanut butter to the inside of one piece. Attach the other piece of bread to it. Eat it. Now take two more pieces of bread. Apply the peanut butter to the inside of one piece. Attach the other piece of bread to it. Apply some butter to the outside of the bread. Put your drink back in the fridge since it’s getting warm. Now take it back out, and you are ready to eat. And drink.