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Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days

by on 06/17/2012

Here at Knowledge Men, we enjoy all entertainment: good and bad. Kane and Lynch 2 isn’t necessarily bad (I happen to have a special place in my heart for the first one) but it definitely didn’t win any awards. You are also probably wondering why I am even talking about a game that came out two years ago. Well, in addition to new things, we like to talk about older things.

Austin and I played through KaL2 in co-op and it took us a measly two hours to beat on easy. I felt that the length was perfect for the type of game it is. Of course, anyone who bought this game at full retail price was probably pissed off at their $60 investment. The gameplay works. There aren’t any special or unique things about this game but it is still a fun shooter.  The shooting isn’t perfect and feels imprecise at times. The video camera style 3rd person adds an interesting spin to the action (although it is never addressed as to who is filming Kane and Lynch). The graphics, themselves, are not bad but not great. I felt that the game looked better than the recently released Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.

We experienced no server setbacks whilst playing co-op (a rarity among games nowadays) which allowed us to play without any frustrations. The co-op campaign is the same as the single player campaign. One part of the game that is brilliant is the arcade mode (or Fragile Alliance when playing online). The multiplayer servers for FA (and Cops and Robbers, which I wasn’t able to try out) are down now so you are only able to play against computer controlled bots. Even still, I had a blast. The point of FA is to steal money from a location and make it out alive. The twist is that your comrades can’t be trusted. The same goes for you. If you kill one of your teammates you can take their split of the dough but you will be branded as a traitor. Not only do you have to be wary of your teammates, but the police are also attacking you. You can either play it safe and have help from your friendlies or go it alone and come out a much richer man.

Ok. Ignore all the setbacks I have mentioned for a minute. This game is hilarious. Unintentional or not, this game had us laughing at the absurdly profane dialogue all the way through. Lynch has some extremely quotable lines. The length of the game was oddly laughable, too. The story is straightforward and abruptly ends in an unsuspecting way where you just have to laugh.

KaL2 is a fun game that is at least worth the lowered price or a rental. Check it out and have a laugh, especially if you have a friend to experience it with.


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