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nut cutter (NSFW)

by on 06/17/2012

there once was a time where i thought people were sane, you know, had morals, that is… until i met the nut cutter. it was a simple time. we were herding some shit when all of a sudden svetlana screamed at the top of her lungs we ran. ran as fast as we could towards her. hoping it was simply a bug. when only to find that it was shamus his balls had brutally been removed, simply ripped from the pelvis and ripped in half. the blood was every where but one wall in particullar said in blood. “I am the nut cutter hear me out cutting nuts is what im all about”. we called da popo and they said that they’d jump right on the case. little did we know it wasn’t the case they’d jumping on, no, it wasn’t the case at all. soon after the murder (oh yeah he died im too lazy to go back and edit that shit) anyways after the murder happened i went to bed the nut cutter would soon strike again killing everyone in the world and that’s it. peace

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