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The nut cutter 3. The final cut (NSFW)

by on 06/17/2012

There’s kid named john. the little faggot wakes up in a hard sweat. he screams “dad, dad my scrotum… oh god… OH GOD… MY SCROTUM IS MISSING!!!!!” he runs in to his fathers room only to find that pops got his nuts cut out too. From this point on he swears for revenge. swears that the person who cut his little faggot ass nuts and his stupid faggot ass dads off will die. his father says before john leaves “john, john you don’t have to do this it’s not worth it. as his father dies a pain full death. john says “john? no, i am the re-attacher!”

Time goes by as he walks down the streets in pain and sorrow not for his father, not for himself, but for the nuts he’s missed so very very much.

mean while somewhere else… “FUCK!!!! stupid kid!!!” thinks he can fuck with me… i’m the fucking nut cutter. i been cut’n nuts off since i was a kid and now the the piece of shit thinks he can fuck with me?” i’m gonna re attach his nuts. cut’m off and shove’m down his throat so hard he’ll shit sperm!!!!”

when all of a sudden a voice soothes him and says “cum on babe let’s go to bed…”

“you’re right vagina slasher, i shouldn’t worry about some little punk”

when all of a sudden BBOM! CRACK!

a man breaks through the window. it’s a man dressed in a coat and a mask he says “i am the re attacher and i’ll end my presence fast, say another word and i’ll shove it up your ass!”

The nut cutter jumps and bursts out at the top of his lungs “shove what you fucking cocksucker?”

the re-attacher lifts up his left hand and there is the vagina slashers head cut clean.”

but the nut cutter laughs… the re-attacher is confused “why is this fucker laughing?”

the nut cutter says ” boy… do you know why i didn’t write anything on your wall like i did all the other victims?”

the re-attacher is stunned “oh shit that’s right”

the nut cutter proceeds ” because boy… i… am… your FATHER!!!!!”



When you were born i thought to myself “some day my child will grow into a fine young nutcutter” but as life went on i thought to myself “where is my life headed? all of the nuts i’ve cut out and for what? what purpose?”

the nut cutter proceeds “so i gave you to the only man i trusted… the penis puller off-er” or how you like to call him… FATHER!”

but when i saw that he was contemplating to take your weiner i had to spring into action. so i cut his nuts OFF!!!

The re-attacher stunned said “why? why did you cut mine off too?

the nut cutter explained “Because you’re a fag”

the nut cutter said with a faint heartfelt voice “i love you son…”

they proceeded to hug when all of a sudden the nutcutter felt a sharp pain in his back. a pain he all knew to well was coming. the re-attacher grabbed from the nutt cutter and shoved the same sickle used to cut all those nuts off into the nut cutters back. the re-attacher said “i will never forgive you. you piece of shit!”. then left into the night.

“So here we are” the nut cutter lied on the ground bleeding to death slowly but surely. he looked into the ceiling as flashes of his childs birth rapidly appeared through his mind. “so this is how it ends?” ” i guess i saw this cuming hahahahah cough couch cough hahahahahaha….”. and sad enough it was. the nut cutter had ended his life not with a bang nor with no dignity or neutrality. but of a final piece of a pie he had wanted for 24 years… his son had finally known the truth. finally known that the very man who cut off his nuts, killed his fake father, and held him in his arms. loved him until his very heart pumped its final ounce of blood.



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