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Batman and Other Random Things

by on 06/19/2012

I’m gonna say outright that this post has no purpose; I just felt like writing something. This has been my first week back home since being a counselor at church camp and attending Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN and I haven’t been so glad for a break since school got out. If you ever get the chance, go to Bonnaroo. I was able to see Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Childish Gambino, Alabama Shakes, Foster the People, The Temper Trap and a bunch of other small bands. It was a great experience at the cost of not showering for three days.

I started playing Batman: Arkham City again today (DKR in a month, woop woop) to try and work towards getting all of the Riddler trophies (not happening soon). While playing, I remembered how rich and vast the characters in Gotham are. Batman is my favorite superhero but my favorite part about Batman is his villains. The Joker pretty much sums up my love for the Batman universe. I have always been interested (and creeped out) by serial killers and what motivates them to do the things they do. I find it fascinating that Joker does not have one single origin story.In addition to Joker, I realized that my favorite villains were the ones without any special powers. Specifically, Black Mask. He is just a regular mobster but has a disfigured face… That is literally all I have to say about him.

Breaking news: I just found a decapitated rabbit carcass right outside my door. On to the random things.

Following screwed up cities like Gotham, Austin and I have been dominating the city of Steelport in Saints Row: The Third. I highly recommend picking this game up. If you played the 2nd one (as we did), you will notice a few things that are missing but it is still a great game. I have completely finished the game but am mopping up the last few achievements that I have left. It’s a sickness. But seriously, why is FUZZ not in this game? It was easily the best part of Saints Row 2.

Also gaming related, I’ve started playing Condemned 2: Bloodshot. It’s an alright game but that only gets it through the first few levels. The coolest part of the game is using the investigative tools and being graded on how you do. Otherwise, this game is just bad. The combat smells of rancid homeless men high on PCP and hungry for flesh (coincidentally, your most frequent enemy in the game). The main character is pretty much an idiot now and is completely different than the Ethan in the first game (voiced by Greg Grunberg!!). I was extremely disappointed since the first installment was a great game, excluding the last few missions. I am probably not going to finish this game but I might look into starting a fight club in the back alleyways of Nashville if the crazed homeless are ok with it. Seriously though, just ignore this game (but someone please re-do it!).

I am approaching the 3/4 mark of The Girl With Dragon Tattoo. I’m liking it a lot so far. For a while though, it felt like nothing was happening. The writing is good enough to where that didn’t really matter and I kept on reading. I can only hope that the biopic based on my life will star Daniel Craig.

Now would be a good time to say something about Death Racers (starring Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope), but the one time we are able to watch it, Saif backed out. His reasoning was so he could watch Hell’s Kitchen. Apparently he doesn’t have any respect for the Juggalos and our sacred form of fellowship. Gordon Ramsey can wait; Juggalos before all others! (Please ignore most of what I just said).

Lately, I’ve been watching Supernatural on Netflix. I’m only four episodes in but I like it so far. Despite it being a “monster of the week” show, I enjoy seeing Sam and Dean combat similar urban legends and myths that I have heard of in real life. Austin and I once tried to hunt ghosts across the country but we got scared and stopped at the Waffle House in Smyrna and stayed there all day.

I guess that’s enough random crap for today. I’ll leave you with this.

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