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Dream Diary – 6/19/12

by on 06/19/2012

I had a dream last night, and I woke up long enough to write it down on a notepad. What you are about to read is me unfiltered at about four in the morning… sorry. [edits will be in brackets]

“Me Trent Austin[Amac] Chriss break into . comicCon which had become exclusive and we are all in aroom with some tables like a school cafeteria and some dudes walk up to us whe[???] Find our seats and ask us what schod we went to to become archeteryies[architects?] ard that we seem a little young and Chris makes up some BS and the guys say don’t let anyone else know what school because they are all elitests and would hate us. Graham walks in and our table is right by the door and he is high fiving people and he gets to us and he makes eye contact with Amac and I and mouth “What are You” doing here?” and walks away but comes back and does some prank on one of the guys that asked us what school we went to, and everybody laughs at it and Graham exits the building. The ComicCon people start handing out posters and pens and meth[whoa]. they also start a roll call type type thing. and since we aren’t on the list Amac goes to fry lo[try to] put out names on the list butt the head of ComicCon shows up to our table and tells us we should just leave [written on side over of the page- The head of comicCon said to us”There’s a DVD you with need to see”], the woman taking role shows up with Amac(At this point
I’ve not said but one or two words) we all stand up tp leave and when Amac’sand my heads were close I whispered “ask her where the bathroom is” he quietly asks “Where’s the bathroom?” she says “what?” and thn I say pretty loudly “The BATHROOM?# everyone in the hall get quiet and looks our way “You want to lock us inthe bathroom?!’everyone starts shouting words of protest “Thatis a terrible idea for two reasons, one: we’d be locked in the bathroom and two: NONe of these KIND people would be able to relieve thems[ran out of paper] people could DIE!”EVERYONE in the building was fighting for us then and they just said fine and let us stay

3 gay guys watched this whole thing from the door and len[then] decided they could just sneak in too. one looked like a normal enough black guy and te other too we Gs that were constantly making humping motions they walk by us and we look out the door and tons of people start ruming into the building while SWAT just watching them then te gay guy[s] were being escorted out and the normal one says “Oh, we are gonna do it in the car” to the guy escorting them

(next page)[nothing on next page]”


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