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The Creation of the Greatest Joke of All Time

by on 06/24/2012

I’ve created a joke that will be talked about for years to come, but first let me tell you how it was created.

It all started while me and Amac were watching Gossip Girl. I noticed a closet on that episode while I was checking twitter like I normally do every five to ten minutes. While on twitter I saw the name of an actor. This actor was Joaquin Phoenix. Someone had tweeted about Signs, which was currently playing on Syfy and had this to say: “Love Joaquin Phoenix.”. I read this tweet while noticing the previously mentioned closet, and in a stroke a genius crafted the joke that will revolutionize comedy. I told this joke to fellow gossip girly(coining that) Amac. He laughed. I knew I’d struck gold with this one so I hopped back on twitter to tweet this joke of all jokes. I’ve linked to this tweet here, here, and here.  And here it is in nonlink form:

“Joaquin Phoenix should be a contractor and exclusively make Joaquin closets”

For those of you that don’t get this joke I explained it in a later tweet. It states that the name Joaquin sounds like walk in. A walk in closet is a type of closet that allows you to walk in to it. If your house doesn’t already have a walk in closet you can hire a contractor to turn an existing closet into one if the space allows it. I hope this post has helped you understand how the best of jokes are made. You’re welcome.


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