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A Moment With Uncle Amac

by on 06/24/2012

I don’t really feel like sleeping at the moment but thankfully I feel like writing. Don’t expect this to be the most comprehensible blog post you’ve ever read (I guess if you’re one of our readers you probably already expected that).

I won’t go write out a full fledged review, but Thursday night Austin and I saw Prometheus. I had been waiting all Summer and I was not disappointed. I’m not big on the Alien lore so I might rewatch the Alien movies before I watch Prometheus again. The story kept me enthralled and the visuals were stunning. One of the few drawbacks were the characters and a few of the actors. Charlize Theron’s character felt underdeveloped. Her character seemed two-dimensional and didn’t add much to the movie. Idris Elba, however, was given a part of a (Texan?) pilot and he just sounded ridiculous. Despite the weird accent, I loved his character (maybe for the novelty but I still enjoyed him). Definitely see this movie.

Austin and I have delved into a chasm that neither of us can climb out of. By that, I mean that we have started watching Gossip Girl. I hate to say it, but it’s kind of entertaining. By the first episode, I was already concerned with how best-friends Serena and Blair basically hated each other. And Dan. Dan is kind of a nerd but he’s mostly just a middle class loner who somehow, by a twist of fate, finds himself wound up in the upper class New York scene. Dan gets props for aiming for the popular girl AND GETTING HER. I hope you can kinda see why I give a crap about this show. Hey, stop snickering.

I’ve been reading some creepypasta lately and it has gotten me interested in trying to write stories. I might if I get around to it. I have a few ideas but I don’t know if I will be able to convey them the best way possible. I suppose everyone has  to start somewhere.

That’s pretty much all I have to say. If I write any stories, this will be the first place I post them. Goodnight and have a good Sunday.

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