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Trials Evolution… A review

by on 06/28/2012

When first starting the game you’ll already notice the awesome rap song that changes each time you start it (there’s only 4, they repeat when the cycle’s finished). the finnish not only give it they’re best with the rap song but try again with two more songs after that, one you may notice from the trailer and another that’s better. the soundtrack is pretty good for the most part and although i really liked the songs in the map editor and the songs at the menu, the songs that play while your actually playing are a little simple and seem kind of bland. Another thing they added was customization, it offered new things to add to your rider but to be truth full some of the ones you couldn’t color and the bikes only had two decals. but enough of the cons, let’s talk about the pro’s

The game is by far the most improved game I’ve ever played you go from being in a straight shot area in a warehouse to a completely new world to explore that is lighted very well and does a damn good job of making you want to create. the gameplay is improved by a lot and the maps are just as good if not better. the game has over 70 new maps to play each unique in its own way compared to the last. not only that but maps are in a menu that you can visit to download new maps that are created by the people. there is a new multiplayer and although sometimes it can be hard to find someone it usually pulls through and gets you three other players. all in all the game was incredibly expansive, fun, and addicting as fuck. the game will keep you playing far a damn long time. and hey, it’s only 15 bucks and it’s a damn good deal for damn good game.

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