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Best Show on television!

by on 07/22/2012

TV humor in recent years has at best been grasping at straws (usually the same ones at that). So thats why I was surprised to find a show that I actually enjoyed. That show being The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim. What Eric has created is one of the most original shows of all time. Its Chappelle’s Show, the worst bits of every talk show ever, combined in an apocalyptic setting that at times leaves you bent over laughing without even knowing what your laughing at. Where Jimmy Fallon hands out cue cards after a bad joke, Eric relishes in those moments as they’re often the most pieced together moments of his “talk show”. It can only be described as a self – destructive masterpiece. If your bored of the same recycled material of Conan and Leno and you have a taste for sketch comedy, then I highly recommend checking this show out. In fact if you are familiar with laughter at all then check it out. New episodes are on Adult Swim sundays at 11:30 central. Reruns can be found online and on demand.


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    who the fuck are you?

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