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by on 07/27/2012

Hi. I wanted to talk about one of the best movies I’ve seen this year and in my personal opinion (deep breath) it was better than the amazing spider-man and the avengers (extreme exhale). I have never seen a Ryan Gosling film nor have i ever wanted to. but recently i, in a whirl pool of boredom, finally decided to watch drive, a movie i had passed over on netflix for about 4 months. when i finally decided to watch i was in no way or shape excited and the first couple of minutes were assuring my reason to not give a shit about it. that is until the movie actually started.

The first couple of scenes were pretty straight forward; a clearly not normal handsome guy riding down the street and finds a pretty women he loves but finds out she’s married to a prison man who owes money to a certain family. pretty average and cliche is what you’d think. but Drive clearly assures you that it is no cliche and is in fact a stellar film.

In this movie Ryan Gosling plays a quiet man that secretly is a driver for crooks looking to make a quick escape after a robery and a stuntman/ mechanic that works for Bryan Cranston. when he finds a woman that he begins to love and vice versa he finds out that she is already married to a man that has just got out of prison. He finds out that he gets out of prison and quickly also finds out that he owes money to a man that gave him protection while in prison. he can’t pay it on his own and tells Ryan of his problems. Ryan offers to help him get the money by robbing a pawn shop and paying off his debt allowing the family to live happily ever after including the woman he loves. the robbery quickly goes wrong and the man who owes money is shot in the head. Ryan is fucking pissed and begins to go on a sort of organized and planned out rampage.

With out a doubt this was an amazing movie and Ryan gosling was a much better actor than i expected.


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  1. I have to say, I really like this movie as well. I noticed you said you had never watched another Ryan Gosling movie, and I would actually encourage you to watch more, because he has done quite a few really great indie films in his career.

    • boxyb4 permalink

      yeah i’m going to start watching more gosling films thanks to this one

  2. Watch Half Nelson. Great Gosling film. The best thing about Drive is the jacket he wore.

    • boxyb4 permalink

      thanks i will and yeah the jacket was pretty cool

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