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a theory on relativity and quantum mechanics/ physics

by on 08/04/2012

ei=cos+isin, that is the main theory bringing quantum travel together now for the theory that allows travel through time by a future standpoint. ((a+bi)^(c+di)= e^x. Solving for x, assuming a, b, c, d are arbitrary constants.). we’ve found protons and electrons in atoms that travel faster than the speed of light, these protons and electrons are made up of quarks etc. until we end up at the string theory which is the smallest piece of matter known to man kind. if we can manipulate these protons and electrons using the technology we have today. we could assume they were the X and move the x over the bi making our protons and electrons reconfigured and moved over to spaces in which new particles would be created/ elements allowing for time travel. (n=11n2=62) this is an equation I’ve come up with that allows for manipulation that i have successively solved. it shows that “n” is equaled to the mass and matter composition of the protons and electrons we’ve discovered therefore to manipulate these, all we’d have to do is add or decrease using an atom split’er or adding more to slow down or in other words making it heavier which means it would travel slower. we could assemble these into one huge atom and further assemble into an element and finally in to a particle. if we gathered up all these particles we could basically build a portal allowing for time travel. all we need is the technology, the will power, some scientists, and some minds.

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