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A Few Thoughts on Total Recall (2012)

by on 08/05/2012

I finally saw the original Total Recall starring Arnold Schwarzenegger a few weeks back. I was not disappointed and was able to get past a few drawbacks. I wanted to see it for a while, especially with the remake’s release soon in the future. Austin and I saw the Total Recall panel at Comic-Con 2011 so I was pretty excited for it. Today Austin, Drew, and I saw it and I enjoyed it. Right away, I do not think this movie was amazing or it will win anything but I had fun watching it. If you enjoyed the original, I think you will have fun and will pick up on a few cues to the original.

First off, Colin Farrell is awesome. I’m not even talking about the movie right now. He’s just that cool. Ok, back to the movie. He did a great job of playing Doug Quaid and, in my opinion, a better job than Arnold. Yeah, I know, I might have just made a few enemies there but I love Colin Farrell.

The face of victory

The supporting actors pulled their weight as well. Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel both faired well in fight scenes and were more than pretty faces (oh my goodness how pretty their faces are). Bryan Cranston proved to be a nasty villain, also.

Despite a few changes, the plot is almost exactly the same as the original. I didn’t have a problem with this, though. There were a lot of cool gadgets strewn about that added to the excitement of seeing an older movie brought back to the big screen (I’ll gladly sign up for that hand phone, and throw in that fridge board thing). The action sequences were great and had some awe inspiring moments (the trailer that seems to have been playing for 6 months now doesn’t ruin any of the fun).

This review is pretty short and borderline terrible but I thought I would at least tell some of my thoughts about the movie. Definitely give it a shot if you enjoy action movies or loved the original. I know some fans of the original will hate it but there’s nothing that can change that. I had a good time and will probably read the story by Phillip K. Dick that it is based upon. Stop reading this crap and go see it!


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