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For A Few Thoughts More, A Total Recall (2012) Thought Train

by on 08/05/2012

I’m currently listening to Amac write a review of the 2012 remake of Total Recall. While he will probably tell you his thoughts on the quality of the movie, I’m just going to tell you the thoughts I had during the movie. I’ll try not to spoil anything.

We got to the movie after the trailers had started. Which I can’t stand and am furious when I’m forced to start a movie late. It may have been my fault. So we didn’t have great seats, fourth or fifth row and I was in the third seat from the end. I have a crick in my neck now.

When we bought our tickets some guy had mentioned the Dark Knight Rises shooting. So I was taking note of the theater layout in case there was an attack and I needed to do some total recalling of my own. There wasn’t an attack, but if the was I would have used the slight reclining action of my seat to trampoline into the armed gunman, hopefully slamming his head on the arm rail wall. I would be a hero and I would get all the ladies.

As the movie started I remembered of the attractive actress on the total rekall website. She wasn’t in this movie. That was incredibly disappointing.

Colin Farrell’s refrigerator had a giant iPad on it so I thought about that until the sweet bar scene from the trailers. I say sweet because of the great line from the black guy(I don’t remember his name and that’s his most distinctive feature, sorry): “Why the hell shouldn’t I be?”. It’s a great line for reasons unknown to science, but apparently it was too great for this movie because it got cut.

When Colin Farrell was out looking for Rekall, dubstep was blasting through the streets. Glad to see its still relevant in the year of- the future.

This movie is rated PG-13 so everyone in the theater was a little shocked to see three nipples accompanying by their pillowy counterparts. I think everyone was okay with it though.

I forgot Jessica Biel’s last name so I was racking my brain. “Alba? No. Nigri? No.” and somehow I got to Jennifer Beals and then from that to Biel.

Walter White didn’t particularly stand out in this movie but at one point I thought he was going to go all Bane on Colin Farrell. He didn’t.

Final thoughts on the remake: “I’ve never punched with my top two knuckles. I should try that sometime.”


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