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Dream Diary – 8/11/2012

by on 08/11/2012

So I was hanging out with Jack Nicholson in his studio apartment, and he decided I was gonna be his next victim. I wasn’t having any of that so I asked him not to kill me. He gave some long speech about the safety of the community and the American dream. My old Youth Pastor, Brian, showed up and threw him in the back of my other old youth pastor, J.P.’s, Nissan Armada. Brian and I decided to go to Disney World and meet up with my friends Trent, Chris, and Ben. We hopped into the Armada, Jack Nicholson still in the boot, and drove the the Walt Disney Jungle to an area that looked like the place in Apocalypse Now that the Playboy Bunnies danced in. We were late so we had to camp in the car with Jack. There was a concert that night so we thought we’d watch the orchestra play a few songs. They were about halfway through a song when I saw Chris and Ben walk up on stage with hand bells and join them. We were all laughing except Nicholson who was still locked in the Armada. Trent slowly walks up, stands center stage with those Moroccan finger cymbals and has a solo. They came at sat back down and we were all having fun, but then they went back up. That pissed me off. So I went to th Armada and let Jack Nicholson loose. The dream got pretty messed up as he started killing everyone. A giraffe walked up to me and told me to follow him. I followed him to a clearing and in that clearing was a saddle, a specially designed saddle so that it could be put on giraffes. It’s always been a dream of mine to ride a giraffe and it looked like that dream was coming true, but as I was hooking the saddle on to the giraffe Nicholson came back. He apologized for trying to kill me and thanked me for setting him free. I then woke up and cried myself back to sleep knowing how close I had been to riding a giraffe.


Dream big little one, dream big.


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