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A thought on games to come

by on 08/12/2012

I personally believe the games that are going to be coming out will all be at least average if not good. Here’s a small list of some i can think of off the dome that will be coming out between the rest of this year and all next year. Army of two: the cartel (or some shit like that), black ops 2, halo4, dishonored, gears of war judgement, splinter cell blacklist ( which i don’t think is going to be good),tomb raider,Assassins creed 3, and watch dogs. Which looks fucking amazing. So unless you’re Austin Brewer… start saving. Watch dogs has me on the edge of my seat and I’ve only seen a little bit of game play on it. dishonored also seems to be proving itself as the days go by. at first i thought is was going to be just another flop no one really cared about but it’s proving to be a game that can hold it’s own. everyone knows gears, black ops, and halo are going to be awesome but i think halo will be the best of the three. however splinter cell blacklist, from what I’ve read, seems like it’s going to be more of an action hero title with stealth as an option rather than stealth with action hero as a death wish. and yep so that’s a thought. and eminem if you could just listen to my mix-tape that would be great thanks.

this one's for you marshall

listen to my mix-tape


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  1. boomgood permalink

    I’m not that rich, come on

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